I got a new grill this week and decided to celebrate with an over the top stuffed and grilled pork tenderloin.


This is a “triple apple” stuffed tenderloin.  The tenderloin was brined overnight in apple juice (12 oz apple juice, 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup sugar), stuffed with Granny Smith apples, then glazed with apple jelly on the grill.  And the grill?  It is a $25 Craigslist special 🙂

I picked up this beautiful little Weber Genesis Silver for next to nothing and fixed it with a $5 part.  Whoop! Whoop!

Weber Genesis Silver A

I started with some mushrooms and a diced up Granny Smith apple and cooked them down in a cast iron skillet.  They were seasoned with a little butter, salt and pepper and smelled pretty awesome while they were cooking.  After it cooks down stick it in the fridge for an hour so it cools down before using it as stuffing.


Prep your tenderloin for stuffing like I showed over here. I added a dusting of bread crumbs, some Gouda cheese and the apple mushroom mix to the flattened tenderloin.

IMG_0792The guy got rolled up and tied tight, was lightly seasoned with some bbq rub and then placed onto the Weber Genesis Silver.  The grill had been preheated for ten minutes and was running about 400F.  The tenderloin was placed between the two burners for a little indirect high heat.


The tenderloin was grilled for about thirty minutes and rotated every five or six minutes.  The cast iron grates made some really nice grill marks.

Pork tenderloin on a Weber Genesis SilverAfter the internal temperature of the tenderloin reached 135F on a digital thermometer I melted a half cup of apple jelly in the microwave and used it to glaze the tenderloin.  The simple glaze made the pork look amazing!


I waited a very long ten minutes for this guy to cool and then sliced it up.  Very, very tasty!


This was a great way to break in a new grill.  I can’t wait to grill more tomorrow!