Pork Tenderloin stuffed with eggs and mushrooms

This was a blast  to make and it came out looking like I hoped.  That being said this was a complete experiment.  My guests thought this was cool but I did have more leftovers than usual.    I think using pickled eggs was a bit too much.  If you want to try this one I suggest plain hard boiled eggs would be better.


Stuffing ingredients

Here are the stuffing ingredients.  The purple onion got a fine dice and was cooked down with some salt and a little olive oil on medium heat.  The mushrooms were roughly chopped and added to the onions after about five minutes with a litle more salt and pepper.  Once the mushrooms had given up most of their water and had started to take on a brown crust I took the mix off the stove, added some seasoned breadcrumbs and Parmesean cheese then let the mix cool in the freezer while I prepared the pork tenderloin.  By the way, if you wanted to skip the eggs this mushroom stuffing would be excellent by itself.

Mushroom stuffing for pork tenderloin

The tenderloin was trimmed, butterflied and pounded flat.  I show how to  remove the silverskinand butterfly here .  Here is another post that shows what the tenderloin looks like after being flattened.  After the tenderloin was flattened I added a layer of the mushroom stuffing and lined up a row of pickled eggs on top.  The picture at the top of this post shows what the tenderloin looked like at that point.

The tenderloin was rolled up, tied with twine and given a light dusting of paprika for color.  The tenderloin had been brined beforehand so there was already plenty of salt in the meat.  The rolled up tenderloin was placed in a baking dish with a little olive oil and baked at 425F for 35 minutes.

Egg stuffed pork tenderloin ready for baking.

This came out looking just like I hoped it would.  The colors of the pickled eggs are intense!!

Pork tenderloin stuffed with eggs and mushrooms

So how did it taste?  Well, it tasted like pickled eggs which some people love and some people don’t.  You could play it much safer and use regular hard boiled eggs.  The eggs would not overwhelm the pork and the end product would still look fantastic.


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Thanks for looking!