I bought a “Farmlands” peppercorn pork tenderloin the other day for about ten bucks.  These really come in handy if you are not feeling too ambitious in the kitchen but want to have something quick and tasty.  I have cooked a couple of these and my family has consistently liked them.

Grilled pork tenderloin

An easy dinner!

I did a little indoor grilling with this tenderloin using a cast iron grill pan.  I suspect this would work equally as well with a George Foreman type grill.  There weren’t any special tricks or techniques here.

I let the tenderloin warm on the counter for thirty minutes before grilling.

The grill pan was pre-heated for five minutes over medium heat; it is ready to cook when little water droplets sizzle as they hit they pan.  I cooked the tenderloin for seven minutes on a side, rotated it 90 degrees and cooked for another seven minutes.  After thirty minutes I had seared all sides of the tenderloin and gotten some great grill marks.

If you are interested in grill pans then I can recommend this one or this one. Both are excellent.

Grilling pork tenderloin

Grill and turn…

Grilling pork tenderloin

Seven minutes and turn…

I pulled the tenderloin at an internal temperature of 150 degrees and let it rest for five minutes.  I sliced this guy up and drizzled it with my secret barbecue sauce (two parts Sweet Baby Rays to one part honey).

The hardest part of all of this was getting over my macho pride and buying a pre-marinated processed piece of pork.  No serious cook would ever buy one of those, right?  Maybe not, but these sure are tasty!

Barbecued pork tenderloin

Sliced and sauced!