This was super simple, looked impressive and tasted great.  Went great with a little potato salad.

Apricot Glazed Pork TenderloinThe pork tenderloin was brined overnight (1 pint water, 2 Tbls kosher salt, 3 Tbls brown sugar), dried off and cooked on a hot grill with direct heat.  I didn’t add a rub…naked grilling going on here!  I let the tenderloin warm in the kitchen for about fifteen minutes before I started grilling so it didn’t take too long to finish grilling, about twenty minutes total.








When the tenderloin hit an internal temperature of 135F I started glazing it with a mix or apricot preserves and Dijon mustard.  I used a cup of preserves and a tablespoon of Dijon and heated it in a saucepan until the preserves liquified.







Keep an eye on the tenderloin after it gets glazed.  You need to grill long enough to let the glaze set but not long enough that the sugars burn.  Turn and glaze as needed and pull at an internal temperature of 145F.  As always, don’t guess on how long to cook this, go by the internal temperature of the tenderloin. If you don’t have a good digital thermometer then buy one now. This one is good, this one is better.

Fun, pretty and tasty!