Safe Cooking

This is another topic that I am rather passionate about; pink pork!  We have been trained for generations to shun pork that has not been cooked to a uniform dull gray.  Please stop.

First of all, even the US government … Read the rest


This is the part I love; pork tenderloin is diet food.  If you are a carnivore working on controlling your weight then you are painfully familiar with boneless skinless chicken breasts.  They were fun for the first few weeks and … Read the rest

Trimming and Butterfly

The first thing to do when working with pork tenderloin is removal of the silverskin.  The silverskin is a tough grayish/white membrane that will not get tender during cooking.  Go ahead and get rid of it now so you won’t … Read the rest

Buying tenderloins

Whole pork tenderloins will typically weigh a little over a pound and be relatively free of large surfaces of fat deposits.  Like the filet mignon, this cut of meat is very lean and extremely tender.

This cut is often confused … Read the rest